Panel Creation or Migration

Panels come with their own complexity. It is in essence a Database containing personal and historical participation information for each panellist. But in the back end it brings the sampling activities based on this data, it requires that data can be reviewed all the time, ideally by the panellist itself through a Portal accessible by login or through automated panel management rules.
And on top of this the aim is to keep those panellists interested and active, therefore the portal needs to be attractive and a reward system may have to be put in place.
The different steps to be considered in order to build or migrate a Panel are:

  • Panel Structure: all the variables from the registration and profiling surveys, as well the survey participation history and points/rewards.

  • Registration Survey Logic: when to record the registrant data to the Panel database (by considering email validation for example...)

  • Portal: Look and feel, public and panellists only pages

  • Points/rewards system: Manual or pseudo automated

  • Panel management rules: Database cleaning, recoding (DOB...), activity tracking ...

  • Panel Composition Reporting

Portail Panel avec incentives