ERIDEM consulting's KikDem Tools (BETA version)

KikDem(*) increases efficiency of the upfront phase in the design of a survey; an important task with the end client. It often goes through back and forth exchanges via a Word or Excel document.

Generally, once the questionnaire is finalised with the agreement of the end client, the account manager or manager, passes the document to the implementation team that will build the structure of the questionnaire and will copy and paste all the content in the online collection platform.

By using KikDem you can remove the laborious and time consuming work of copying and pasting data, allowing you to spend more time working on the appearance or adding dynamic personalisation to your survey.

KikDem increases the efficiency of generating online surveys by optimizing the upstream phase whose full cycle is represented below:

Representation of the tools and their functionality (**):

(*) The tools are for now dedicated to computers running Windows.
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